Souper Sunday

It's that day again friends... Sunday. For those of you who work all week, this day sometimes feels like "Shmonday" a.k.a. "I feel stress because the work week is staring me right in the face." I've got to be honest, each Sunday I feel the anxiety levels rise. My stress level has decreased a bit over the years however, thanks to a few sneaky tricks. I've replaced "Shmonday" with what I like to call Souper Sunday.

What is Souper Sunday? Well, it is the day I pretty much cook our meals for the entire week. That's right friends; I cook enough food to make us through the week. Crazy? Maybe. Stay with me people.

How does it work? Well... lazy coffee drinking Saturday mornings equal pulling up my favorite Pinterest pins and checking what we have in the freezer. This is followed by an intense amount of defrosting and come Sunday morning, the Klann kitchen is a cooking warzone. I typically make two crock pot meals, quick weekday grab and go breakfast, and something for Sunday dinner.

Tortilla Soup and all the fixings.

Tortilla Soup and all the fixings.

If you've lived on a farm (or are a parent for that matter), you know that there are constant projects and mouths to feed on the weekend. This means time is of the essence. By cooking for a few hours on what used to be stressful "Shmonday," those projects are still possible. By dedicating some forward thinking and a few hours of cooking time, hungry mouths will have something delicious to dig into after a long day of chores. Am I convincing or what?

There are a few tricks I would like to also share about Souper Sunday and here are some pictures to help illustrate:

1. Have precut vegetables on hand. I keep a gallon freezer bag full of veggies on hand in the freezer for Souper Sunday. My bag has carrots, celery, and onion ready to go.

2. Process your vegetables as you buy them. I am a firm believer in shaving time off tasks as much as possible. Exhibit A: I purchased a large package of celery from Costco and I make sure to clean and cut all of it during one session. We have veggies to eat in the fridge, veggies for the meal I am cooking on that day, and divided packages of veggies for another day. This not only saves me time later, I only have to wash these dishes ONE time.

Lunch for the week- leftover minestrone and four days of cabbage soup.

Lunch for the week- leftover minestrone and four days of cabbage soup.

3. Serve up lunch. Each week I prepackage my lunches in mason jars. I like mason jars for Souper Sunday soup because they don't leak. I love being able to pack my lunch quickly in the morning, and making lunches each week saves our family lots of money.

Even the hens win on Souper Sunday. Our well deserving, super egg laying, spoiled girls were served warmed up leftovers this morning. Happy hens = yummy eggs.

Think about making Souper Sunday a tradition at your house, I think you will be glad you did. By cooking ahead, I can enjoy a few hours the day outside with our feathered and furry friends. "Shmonday" no longer feels so stressful, and I like the sound of Souper Sunday better!

 Here are a few updates from the Honey Bee Haven:

Today's projects include checking on my honey bee girls, playing on the teeter-totter with the goats, and thinking about which seeds to start in the greenhouse. Lots to do, but it's possible with Souper Sunday.