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A little about our original grant...

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Honey Bee Mix seed packages available for purchase.

Honey Bee Mix seed packages available for purchase.

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Original grant funds centered around the creation of the honey bee garden environment. This included the purchase of various child friendly hives including an observation hive, plant starts and seeds, child size protective suits for hands on bee observations, local honey bees, various garden equipment, hive exploration tools and the actual garden space. Local craftsmen helped build the hives and perennial plants were purchased from local nursery farmers. 

The community need for this project encompasses two levels. First, the garden space helps to support our local honey bee and pollinator populations. Secondly, local children have the opportunity to experience beekeeping first hand in the field. The Honey Bee Haven provides an environment for children to witness the progression of planting, the necessity of honey bees and model a way to support our endangered pollinators in a research based four season foraging  garden. The Honey Bee Haven also serves as a model to other local farmers in establishing a bee friendly environment on their own properties.

Currently, Prineville Honey Bee Haven is partnering with the Crooked River Wetland Project and Crooked River Elementary students to create a native pollinator kiosk within the soon to be built wetland grounds. Students are playing an active role in the kiosk design and they will visit the pollinator garden later this year.